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 Flexible Terms           Affordable Rates       What is Included?

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Rent by the Month - Lease by the Year

Most of our tenancy agreement terms are monthly,

even though many small businesses call the

Professional Centre home for many years. 

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   Affordable Monthly Rental Rates

  • Small sized offices $300-$500

  • Medium sized offices $500-$700

  • Large size offices $700-$1200

Evergreen Business Services Ltd. operates a  professional business centre in Victoria. With 10,000 square feet and 40 individual offices.  

Small Size Offices
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The rental rate for our small offices starts at $400 per month and will increase with size to $600 per month.


Each space will accommodate one person with a desk or treatment table, 3 - 4 chairs, a filing cabinet and a bookcase.  Rent includes your heat and lights.  All offices have natural light from windows or skylights that open to allow in fresh air.

Medium Size ​Offices
Flexible Agreements ??

Our offices are available on a short term, month to month basis.  No need to sign a long term lease.  You have the flexibility to move into larger space or add a second office, all without changing your address.


Our tenancy agreements contain no surprises.  You can choose to lock in your rental rate with a one to three year term. 

We allow our tenants to share their space and retain control as the principal tenant. 


Our management team focuses on making our business centre a safe and clean building in which to conduct your business. 

Do you see your clients by appointment?


​Imagine having your clients warmly welcome by a receptionist.  Our front desk is staffed weekdays. 


We will notify you when a visitor has arrived.  Give us your schedule and we will personally greet your visitors.  This makes us the ideal choice for professionals who regularly see clients by appointment. 


Suitable for Treatments
Larger Size Offices

Medium sized offices rent from $600-$800 per month and are suitable for up to two workers. An office will accommodate two desks and 4-6 guest chairs and 2-3 filing cabinets. 


All of our offices have natural light with windows or skylites that open or both. 


Large offices start at $800 and go up to $1200 per month.  A large office will accommodate 3-6 workers. 


There is room is suitable for 3 - 6 desks, 12+ chairs and the same number of filing cabinets. 


Lots of room for a board room table or can be set up for group meetings or as a classroom. 


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